Our Team


Anthony Shu

Dear parents and students:

Chang Jung Senior High School is Taiwan’s first high school and was founded in 1885 by a presbyterian church. We continue to ponder  different ways to provide our students diverse education including moral, intellectual, physical and social education. We hope to cultivate students to become world citizens with great personality and knowledge. In this fast changing and globalizing world, I am proud that we are able to help students connect with the world. Here at Chang Jung Senior High School, we offer international courses that can help students gain global perspectives and learn how to become global citizens. We are proud to offer high quality international courses and we look forward to meeting you!







Executive Director

Calvin Wang

I have been in the international education industry for the past 10 years, and I am honored to have this opportunity to provide parents and students high quality international education. We hope students not only improve their English and academic grades here, but also develop learner autonomy, critical thinking skills, team work skills, and problem solving skills. We will also assist students in preparing for the top universities they desire to attend in their futures.





莊維玲  Grace Chuang

  • Taiwan/Australia
  • Associate Dean
  • University of Sydney -Ph.D. Candidate (Accounting)
  • University of Sydney -M.Comm. (Accounting)
  • Director of  Marketing & Public Relations At a Construction Company
  • Lecturer, Accounting Discipline of University of Sydney
  • Senior High School English Teacher

吳忠恩  Tadashi Wu

  • Taiwan
  • Director of Marketing & Public Relations
  • Kobe City University of Foreign Studies -Ph.D.Candidate(Cross-Cultural Interaction)
  • Director of  Mandarin First Co., Ltd.
  • Project Manager of  Jobwise HR Solutions
  • Mandarin Teacher of  Tokyo Foreign Languages Center

Peter Gilks

  • Australia
  • Director of Academic Affairs
  • The Australian National University -Ph.D.
  • Macquarie University -M.A. (Linguistics)
  • Assistant Professor of I-Shou University
  • Language Test Development Officer of Australia Government  
  • Tutor of Deakin University

謝郁津 Ashley Hsieh

  • Taiwan
  • Administration Manager
  • National Cheng Kung University -M.A.(Foreign Languages & Literature) 
  • Project Manager of National Cheng Kung University

林宥薰 Lesley Lin

  • Taiwan
  • Manager of Student Affairs
  • Durham University -M.A.(Management)
  • CEO of State Motor Corp.
  • Director of Hitutor Inc.
  • CEO of  Athens International Education Ltd.

劉晉銓 Jason Liu

  • Taiwan
  • Student Affairs teacher
  • University College London -B.A.(Education Studies)
  • University College London -Primary Postgraduate Certificate in Education with Qualified Teacher Status

陳婉潔 Angela Chen

  • Taiwan
  • Administration Officer
  • National Cheng Kung University -B.A. (History)
  • Business Secretary of  Intertek Testing Services Taiwan Co., Ltd.
  • Financial Supervisor of Viela Co., Ltd.

周庭漢 Hans Chou

  • Taiwan
  • Specialist of  Marketing & Public Relations
  • Shih Chien University -B.A. (Applied Foreigns Languages)
  • International Marketing Specialist of INNOVATION BIOTECH. Co. Ltd.
  • Project Marketing Specialist of LOVEISDERMA Skincare brand
  • Program Planner of A-LINE Radio

Jennifer Ryan

  • Ireland
  • Chemistry Teacher
  • Dublin Institute of Technology -B.Sc. (Forensic & Environmental Chemistry)
  • English & science teacher of HESS International Education Group
  • Analytical Chemist of MSD Ballydine

Stephen Charles

  • United Kingdom
  • ESL Teacher
  • University of Exeter -M.A
  • University of Exeter -B.Sc.
  • Teacher of GEPT Beginner & Intermediate
  • Business English & TOEIC Teacher of Mass Mercuries Insurance Company
  • IELTS Teacher of GOSTUDY Education

Mohammed Patel

  • United Kingdom
  • ESL Teacher
  • University of Leeds -B.A. (Social Work)
  • Teenager Behavior Counsellor of UK
  • English Teaching Team Leader of Caremore English Institute