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【Important Notice: School Will Be Closed due to Tomb Sweeping Day】
【重要公告: 清明連假營業時間調整】


【Important Notice: School Will Be Closed due to Tomb Sweeping Day】

The school will be closed from April 2nd (Friday) to April 5th (Monday) due to Tomb Sweeping Day.

We will not be available to answer calls during this time, we apologize for any inconvenience caused and we thank you for your understanding.

Interested parties can still book for an appointment online or message us privately on Facebook, we will be back on April 6th (Tuesday) and respond promptly.

►Recent Events

Chang Jung Senior High School International Division 《International Program Demo Class》

Experienced foreign teachers will teach the demo classes with Cambridge University Press textbook series 「THiNK!」 from the UK.

Using a lively and active teaching style to inspire students’ interest in English learning and to speak the language naturally.

♦Parents of 6th to 8th grade students:  please register here

♦Parents of 9th to 10th grade students:   please register here

Consultation Hotline:

06-2086800 Director Wang



【重要公告: 清明連假營業時間調整】






由具有多年教學經驗的 #外師全程授課,體驗課程中採用 #英國劍橋大學出版社教材「THiNK!」,搭配生動活潑的教學模式,激發學生英語學習的興趣,自然地引導孩子開口說英文!




諮詢專線:06-2086800 王主任